Tall "Candlestick" Headband Holder


Display your headband ears in style with these elegant headband holders. Each headband holder is divided into two parts: the display and the stand. The display is the part that holds onto your headband and the stand holds up the display.

The Tall "Candlestick" headband holders were designed to accommodate floppy and side ears up to 14" long (from the top of the headband to the bottom of the ears).

Kit Contents
Circle Display (w/ Headband Side Magnets)
Candlestick Stand

Dimensions (Assembled Holder)
Height: 13.9" / 354.1mm
Width: 6.2" / 158.7mm
Length: 6.2" / 158.7mm

Dimensions (Circle Display)
Diameter: 5" / 127mm
Depth: 2" / 50.8mm

Dimensions (Candlestick Stand)
Height: 8.9" / 227.1mm
Width: 6.2" / 158.7mm
Length: 6.2" / 158.7mm

Disclaimer: All items are 3d printed and handcrafted and minor cosmetic differences may exist between multiples of the same item.